About Me

My name is Jessica Andzouana and I am a visual artist and programmer. I am a focused and creative programmer with experience in Unity development, front-end development and digital art and design. I am passionate about emerging technologies such as VR and AR and I constantly seek opportunities to learn, grow and transform the industry. My unique background, both as a programmer and artist, paired with a highly design conscious mindset, enables me to provide new perspectives to create immersive and user centered applications and experiences.

Artistically, I have experience with various digital and traditional mediums. Animation and storytelling in VR is especially appealing to me because it allows me bring characters to life by giving them personality, emotion, and thoughts through a visual narrative. No matter which medium I choose for creative expression, people or characters become central to my art. On this website you will find collections of my artistic work. If you are interested in seeing my technical projects, please visit my portfolio here.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/animatedjess

Portfolio: http://animatedjess.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/animatedjess

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi. after watching I see now it takes a bit of work to create characters, is there somewhere that I can buy developed characters and then focus on movement after that. thanks


    • You can buy it on content paradise, but I would advise you to just use the characters in the library since they’re free.


      • the library chara,cters are copyrighted, I .want to own the rights there surely must be people out there who could be hired to develop what I would want to my specs, thanks


      • I could make characters but at the moment I am pretty busy. If you’re interested in buying characters, I can contact you once I have the time


  2. ok, thanks. to get an indication -what was the time spent on the girl in your videos. when would you be free… approx. april, may?


    • Which girl? I honestly can’t tell you at this moment when I will be free.


      • Ok, thanks. In the meantime, 2 questions upon studying kim. When you did the body turn, it introduced another need for motion…. in the z plane. you didn’t add another smart bone. for this for the arms for ex. how do you get the arm to move forward and back instead of just side to side and to make sure the points match after the turn in the z direction from this additional bone movement. secondly, when you do a head turn, how do you accommodate mouth positions drawn in front view which all will change in the side view…do you set up another layer or file, and if so, is it a switch layer. if so, how do you get the lip movement from the front view to auto match with lip sync when switching to the side view. Is this accommodated as an action or through some other means such as switching. Thanks.


  3. Z plane:
    You could add a smart bone and make a foreshortened arm simulating movement forward and backward. If I want to show an arm moving forward or back I usually just do it from the 3/4 or side view it’s just simpler.

    Head Turn:
    I just make a mouth that will look ok in front and side view and I don’t modify anything but the position but if you want it to be more accurate than you could change the mouth shape by making a smart bone or just modifying the turn smart bone for the whole head. I believe there are good topics addressing this on the lost marble forum.


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