Little Prince VR – Unity Shader Test

My main focus with this project is learning Blender to create models and animations. Though I do like to test things here and there with Unity whenever I have some extra time. Most recently, I was applying different shaders to the Little Prince. I definitely want my project to be more stylized, and my goal is to make the user feel like they’ve stepped into a cartoon, hence the cartoon shader:

Shader test

I am not sure whether I want the outline or not, but so far I am quite satisfied with this shader though I am still not sure whether I will stick with this one. All in all I’d say it’s been exciting to see how much shaders in general can shape VR experiences.

Little Prince VR – Intro

I love VR. This is not a secret to anyone who knows me. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I can talk about it for hours. What really inspired me to pursue VR initially was seeing the potential it had as a visual medium. As a kid, I often dreamed of stepping into my TV and being part of the story that was being unfolded in front of me. I wanted to have some kind of agency in what I was seeing, and I longed to make an impact in one way or another on the story. Essentially, I sought to make and leave a mark. And now I get to do that in a way and to me that’s very exciting. It all started a couple of months ago when I decided to start a little VR animation project.

At first I felt very daunted by the prospect of making my own VR animation, but then I realized that I want to see for myself what it takes to create an animation in VR. I know it’s a lot to do and a lot to learn, but I think unless I fully dive into it, I will never have a deep understanding of this medium and how it can be used for visual story-telling purposes.

The project I am creating is quite simple. It is going to be an interactive VR story of a chapter from the Little Prince book.

Image result for little prince

Cover of the Little Prince book

For this project I started learning Blender! I haven’t done much 3D modelling and animation so the last few weeks have been a journey. I finished modelling and rigging the main character and here’s the result:


For the next few months I will be documenting the progress on this blog. I hope by writing this down, I can stay accountable 🙂


Learning Maya

I started learning Maya again! I haven’t touched it in a while, but the 2016 version seems pretty good so far. I had quite a lot of issues with the 2014 version, it was quite buggy and I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen again.

The reason I am picking up Maya again is because I want to create 3D content for Virtual Reality. It’s an area I became interested in not too long ago, and I really want to learn the necessary skills to do what I want to do with this medium. I have been learning 2D animation and the work I’ve created is primarily in 2D so this is going to be quite the switch, but I’m excited! I’ve not been this interested in 3D so I didn’t bother learning much, but now I have the motivation I didn’t have before.

I started using Maya again a few days ago by following a video tutorial which was a nice refresher of the basics of Maya. Here’s the result:

I hope to devote more time to learning Maya in the next weeks and really get the hang of the program.