Illustration: Zoe

I realized that although I have a lot of sketches, I don’t have a lot of finished digital artwork so I’ve decided to create an experimental piece in Photoshop. Here’s the initial sketch:

The lineart was pretty difficult to create since photoshop doesn’t really have a stabilizing tool, but I’ve managed to finish:

Ink Clipping mask made coloring process faster. Basic colors:first passShading in Photoshop turned out to be very fun actually. Using transfer as a brush effect made the blending process a lot smoother (no pun intended). I wanted to try out a shading technique I learned and I think it turned out pretty well actually. I added a blue hue to the shadow since it’s the dominant color of the drawing. This really tied the piece together. Progress:
Progress I created another layer on top using a softer brush to really smooth out the whole drawing. The hair was probably the most challenging part for me but it was fun to do nevertheless. To finish it, I painted the linework and recreated the background. Here’s the finished product:Illustration 1 (3)