Learning Maya

I started learning Maya again! I haven’t touched it in a while, but the 2016 version seems pretty good so far. I had quite a lot of issues with the 2014 version, it was quite buggy and I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen again.

The reason I am picking up Maya again is because I want to create 3D content for Virtual Reality. It’s an area I became interested in not too long ago, and I really want to learn the necessary skills to do what I want to do with this medium. I have been learning 2D animation and the work I’ve created is primarily in 2D so this is going to be quite the switch, but I’m excited! I’ve not been this interested in 3D so I didn’t bother learning much, but now I have the motivation I didn’t have before.

I started using Maya again a few days ago by following a video tutorial which was a nice refresher of the basics of Maya. Here’s the result:

I hope to devote more time to learning Maya in the next weeks and really get the hang of the program.